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Standing on a platform of individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect, Nancy Mercier is running for Member of Parliament in Ottawa as a candidate with the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Beausejour riding, led by Maxime Bernier, because she believes that Canada needs critical changes and a stronger leadership that will do politics differently, which includes, putting Canadians and Canada FIRST! But mostly, Nancy wants to help restore our eroding Democracy, Constitution, Sovereignty and Charter of Rights, as well as, aid in improving our economy, and            healthcare system.


But ultimately, it is the frailty of our freedoms and the threat of Globalism and Islamism or Radical Islam overrunning our nation under Agenda 21 or 2030 and Sharia Law, that inspired Nancy the most to run for political office. (See this video about Radical Islamism in Our Government and why she speaks out against it!) Significantly, Nancy is not a seasoned or career politician, in fact, she is not a politician at all! But, she does have some experience in “being of service.”


For the past 30 years Nancy has held positions in finance with the Pharmaceutical companies of Bausch & Lomb, Warner Lambert and Pfizer, she co-owned and managed an incorporated construction business with her husband Mike, affiliated to Home Depot, and she founded a not-for-profit or charitable religious & educational organization.


Overall, Nancy has consistently demonstrated leadership, analytical, and interpersonal abilities in every aspect of her career roles, and invite’s you to review her achievements and credentials listed in her resume or personal website, and hopes you will agree that she is the type of competent and competitive candidate you can stand behind and support proudly as she applies her specific skills and abilities in defending the PPC platform, values and principles, to ultimately win the election and be your voice in Ottawa.

Indeed, to fully participate in this high energy, time intensive, history making, political campaign, Nancy is taking an indefinite leave of absence from her duties and activities as Interfaith Pastor/Minister and Naturopathic Consultant.

As an Interfaith Minister/Pastor and Naturopathic Consultant, Nancy has pledged to provide guidance and assistance to the well-being and betterment of all members of society, including, protecting and defending the innocent, vulnerable and oppressed. Needless to say, Nancy is pro-life, she believes in adoption not abortion. As a Member of Parliament, should she win the election, Nancy pledges to safeguard Canada against any threats to our freedoms, to respect our constitution, to restore law & order, and to preserve our Canadian national identity, which includes our values, culture, heritage, and traditions.


A proud Acadian/Cajun Canadian patriot and Libertarian with some Mi'kmaq aboriginal family ancestry or deep roots to this land, Nancy was born in 1971 and grew up in northern New-Brunswick, where she met her husband Mike of 27 years. They lived in Toronto, Ontario for 10 years to work and study, and returned to New-Brunswick in 1998 to be closer to family but moved south to Shediac for better access to specialized healthcare not available in their hometown region that Nancy needed for a C5 level spinal cord injury she sustained from a car accident in 1995 that caused permanent quadriplegia or paralysis to her four limbs and torso. 

Besides meeting with you in person at events or other places in the Beausejour district and regional areas, Nancy invite’s you to watch, participate and invite others to view her online Videos Vlog she’ll be producing in French and English to address some of the more frequent questions and concerns she receives about the PPC on her social media pages and elsewhere, and to discuss her campaign and hot news topics pertaining to politics and the elections.


Finally, you can get involved, if inclined, by volunteering your time to assist Nancy by liking and sharing her social media posts and videos, and/or by making a vital financial contribution to help cover her campaign expenses — she would be deeply grateful and pleased to hear from you. Together we can help make Canada strong, free, united, safe and prosperous for generations to come.


Join with Nancy Mercier and Maxime Bernier 

To Help Save Canada & Make History Together!


Mobile Office

Due to the large territory that incompasses the Beausejour riding, and to save on expenses, Nancy is working and managing her electoral campaign from a mobile office in her RV that has the caption of “Livng the Dream” visibly well marked on it at the front and back. So, look for her PPC Mobile Office on Main St. in Shediac and elswhere in Beausejour or see our Events Page to find out when she maybe in your neighbourhood or area, if you would like to come out to meet her.


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